Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool Articles and Tips

  • BananaSecurity - fun windows program that lets you setup your webcam as an automatic FacePrint authentication tool.

  • Boxstr - free file storage services. Features: 5GB of space, max. file size: 75 MB, Supports most file types, Hotlinking, etc.

  • dll-downloads (Win) - this website is designed to help Win. users with common ‘missing .dll’ error messages, i.e. “Couldn’t find ***.dll…” pop-up messages. You can download almost any missing .dll file from this website.

  • do.Oh - simple and well designed online To-Do list service.

  • Mintemail - one of the best ‘disposable email’ services. Not only it’ll provide you with an instant disposable email account but will even auto-verify most of the incoming ‘email address verification’ messages.

  • Montastic - uptime tracking service for your website.

  • Mundu Radio - lets you access thousands of online radio stations right from your mobile. All you need is a data connection (GPRS/CDMA/Wi-Fi). Check out list of support phones and PDAs here

  • Summize - “over 6 million user reviews on 1 million products - visualized, summarized, simplified…

  • WhosOff - here is something for employers and business owners. WhosOff lets you efficiently manage your employees’ holiday times and make sure there is always someone present to do necessary tasks.

Cool Articles and Tips:

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