Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool Websites and Tips

  • DesktopNexus - huge gallery of free desktop wallpapers.

  • eBookSearchr | JustFreeBooks - two comprehensive ebook search engines.

  • Panjea - create and share your own broadcast channel featuring your fav. web videos in customized video player.

  • Perian (Mac OSX) - handy Quicktime addon that integrates support for many popular video formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MPEG4 , DivX, subtitle support (SSA, SRT) and lots more.

  • Stopwatch - online stopwatch and count-down timer. Also available as a widget (Mac Dashboard, Vista Sidebar) or a stand-alone program.

  • TXTdrop - send free Mobile text messages to anywhere in US or Canada. Extras: get it as widget (Mac, Win), add it to your blog or Myspace profile.

  • Voki - free service for creating customized talking avatars that can be added to your blog or web-profile. More features to come.

  • - fun website where you can ask users whatever YES/NO style questions you have, stir discussions and get dozens of quick replies within the first hour.

  • YotubeRemixer - easy-to-use video editing tool from Youtube. Let’s you keep an original file and assemble a new video in a drag’n drop timeline. Mix videos, add photos, background music, graphic effects, transitions, etc.

  • World’s biggest mouse cursor.

Cool Articles and Tips

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