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Household remedies

It has become a generally accepted practice to rush to an allopathic doctor at the slightest symptom of a disease. However, some of these symptoms and diseases could as well be treated with the available herbs and spices in our kitchen garden. Ayurveda brings you an interesting list of home remedies that have repeatedly proven to be highly effective at any time, every time.

Ayurveda home remedies are a simple and easy way to treat diseases with the help of the commonly available herbs and spices. These remedies, apart from curing, tend to restore, support and promote the over all health. These are administered in the form of Juices, Paste, Powder, Infusion and Decoction. Besides these, Ayurveda also recommends as home remedies, exercises, massaging, aromas and other therapies to cleanse the body system

Ayurveda has recommended a selective list of herbs and spices that also include; Basil, Black Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger, Honey, Lemon, Mint, Onion, Rock Salt, Turmeric etc for the house hold treatment remedies.

We give below a few of the common diseases that we are face to face with in our every day lives. The home remedies suggested also provide an effective, convenient and nature friendly system of treatment.


garlicThis manifests itself in the form of burning sensation within our body and various remedies are offered for alleviating this disease.
Sucking on to garlic cloves will assure one, relief from acidity.
Eating vanilla ice creams or drinking a glass of cold milk also helps reduce acidity.
Using high pillows while sleeping or sitting in an upright position after food intake would also help in reducing the incidence of acidity.


cucumberApplying smashed cucumber leaves on the affected part is effective
Using garlic to rub on areas affected by acne is also found useful.
Applying powdered orange peel mixed in water on the affected part is also recommended
A minimum intake of one litre of water is a must for adding a healthy glow to the skin.

Bad Breath

Brushing teeth after every meal, drinking large amounts of water or chewing of cardamom seeds are found to stop bad breath.
Drinking lemon juice with both sugar and salt added is also effective in stopping bad breath.


Massaging the bald patches with a mixture of one cup of mustard oil and four table spoon henna leaves is recommended.
Applying a powdered mix of lime seeds and black pepper in equal ratio on the bald patches is also found effective.

Blood Pressure

It has been found that taking half an ounce of drum stick leaf juice before each meal helps reduce blood pressure. Consuming crushed garlic in milk after dinner is also recommended


turmericIt has been found that applying turmeric powder and water made to a paste on the affected part offers immediate relief from burn injury. Equally potent is the applying of sesame oil on the burnt part.
Making the patient roll on the ground draped in blankets or rugs will help put out the burning fire.
Keeping the burnt area under running water would be a good option to reduce the intensity of the burn.

Chicken Pox Scars

Applying sandal wood oil or honey regularly on the scars will prove useful in removing chicken pox marks. Regular baths with neem leaves are useful in relieving the itching sensation.

Regular intake of Onion juice and the use of sunflower oil as a medium of cooking help reduce the cholesterol level. It is advisable to avoid fatty foods like butter and ghee.

Common Cold

This manifests itself in the form of running nose or a blocked nose. It is often due to climatic changes
It has been found that drinking Ginger tea offers relief from common cold.
It has also been found that honey and ginger juice consumed in equal quantities are also effective in removing the common cold. Adding powdered pepper to boiled tea leaves or black coffee has been suggested to clear the nose and help easy breathing.


As constipation manifests itself in the form of difficulty in bowel movement, those afflicted with this are advised to avoid heavy foods. Drinking lemon juice mixed in warm water two to three times daily is helpful. Drinking a glass of milk with two teaspoons of castor oil added prior to going to bed helps easy bowel movements in the morning. Consuming a few tea spoons of aloe gel is also effective.


For those afflicted with cough it has been found that consuming a mixture of black pepper powder and honey several times a day offers relief from cough. Mixing a gram of turmeric powder with honey has also been found to be an effective remedy in treating cough. Ginger juice and honey taken together is also very useful in the treatment of cough.


Washing hair regularly with boiled neem leaves, help remove dandruff. It has also been found that a mixture of olive oil, almond oil and camphor rubbed on the scalps is very effective in removing dandruff.


coconutThis is caused due to improper food habits and manifests itself in frequency of bowel movements. Drinking tender coconut water, drinking warm water with a small helping of sugar and salt in equal quantities and drinking black tea with lime juice are all useful methods to control the existence of diarrhea.

Dry skin

This is a very common and is the result of loss of natural oil from the body. The remedy would obviously be to increase the oil content in our body. For this an oil massage with a few drops of glycerin is applied all over the body. Drinking several glasses of water and avoiding the use of soaps would all prove effective in arresting this disease.


Various remedies are recommended in Ayurveda for the treatment of Eczema. Undue stress, tension and anxiety are to be avoided. Applying a paste made from nutmeg seeds or coconut oil on the affected part are found to be effective. Use of heavy foods such as meat and eggs are best avoided.


For the treatment of Flatulence Ayurveda recommends a few simple remedies which include chewing a few seeds of roasted fennel, drinking warm water in which asafetida powder has been dissolved and also chewing a few pieces of garlic. Drinking glasses of warm water is always encouraged.

Premature Graying

This is a problem that most people of the present day generation are confronted with. Premature graying is the result of various factors that also include tension, stress, anxiety and insufficient intake of iron. Hereditary factors do play a part in this process.
Applying a paste of curry leaves mixed in butter milk and spreading it over the hair for a few minutes is found to be effective. Henna leaves grounded and mixed in coconut oil and spreading it over the hair prior to taking bath is also recommended. However, this solution has to be kept on the hair for a minimum of one hour.


For this illness Ayurveda recommends that one drink lots of coconut water several times a day. Drinking a glass of cold milk is a very quick and effective remedy. Eating a few almonds is also recommended.


Hiccups put us in to very uncomfortable situations often. The generally recommended home treatments include consuming honey mixed with dry ginger powder, drinking warm water with salt, chewing of sugar etc.


This is a that is caused due to irregular and improper food habits. It could also come about due to over eating foods which are difficult to digest like meat and eggs. Drinking excessive amounts of tea or coffee is also found to be a cause of this disease.
Adding two drops of mint oil in a cup of warm water and drinking it provides instant relief.
Mixing one tea spoon of powdered cumin seeds, one teaspoon of coriander leaf juice and a pinch of salt in a glass of water and drinking it twice a day helps to relieve indigestion.
Take a glass of hot water and add a bit of asafetida powder and a bit of sugar. Drinking this will relieve you from your indigestion.
Drinking one teaspoon of ginger juice with quarter cup of warm water is useful in relieving indigestion.

Joint Pain

This manifests itself in the form of swelling and severe pain in the joints. It is caused due to accumulation of toxins in the body.
Massaging the affected joints using warm mustard oil is recommended.
Drinking water to which a teaspoon of powdered ginger, black pepper and salt is added helps relieve joint pain.
Applying a warm paste of aloe vera gel and egg white on the affected joint relieves pain.
Taking 30 ml of castor oil with warm milk every day in empty stomach is also found useful in relieving joint paints.

Mouth Ulcers

Applying peppermint oil on the affected part is recommended. Massaging the gums thrice a day with a mix of coconut oil and honey is found effective. Gargling several times a day with a warm decoction of Triphala and honey is also effective


ExerciseThis is a serious problem affecting a large number of persons. Serious complications could arise if the problem persists.

Doing regular exercise brings down weight. Reduce intake of fatty foods and oils. Consuming fruits, vegetables and low calorie foods is recommended. Drinking every morning a glass of warm water to which 2 tea spoons of lime juice, 1 tea spoon of honey and a little black pepper is added has been found to be useful. Regular intake of honey is also recommended.


Piles are thought to occur due to Irregular food habits. It brings in a lot of uneasiness to an individual.
Consuming large quantities of butter milk that has been kept in a vessel pasted with leadwort wood brings in much relief. Drinking a cup of milk boiled with mashed ripe bananas is recommended.
Drinking a mixture of 1 tea spoon of fresh mint leaves’ juice, 1 tea spoon lemon juice and 1 table spoon of honey, thrice a day brings in relief from piles.

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches occur due to over work, tension, anxiety, reading in bad light etc.
Applying a paste of clove and salt crystal on the forehead is found effective. Pouring through the nostrils one tea spoon of almond oil that has been heated and cooled is found to be effective. Making a paste of dry ginger and milk and applying on the forehead offers relief from sinus headaches

Pepper mint steam inhalation also provides quick relief from sinus headaches. Applying on the forehead a mixture of 1 tea spoon of finely ground cinnamon in 1 tea spoon of water also brings in relief from headache. Pouring 2 to 3 drops of a mix of one table spoon of milk and half table spoon of powdered ginger through the nostrils is very effective.

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are mostly a result of impurities in blood.
Applying a mix of 1 tea spoon lime juice and sandal wood paste to the affected area brings in relief. Applying Rose water and lemon juice in equal proportion on the affected part is also recommended. It is advisable that one does not change cosmetics frequently.

Sore Throat

Sore throat occurs mainly due to climatic changes. Quite often, fever is also accompanied by an attack of sore throat.
Gargling with warm salt water 3 to 4 times a day brings instant relief.
Chewing raw liquorices continuously brings a soothing effect on the throat. Drinking a glass of hot water with a dash of lemon juice and honey is also recommended.


turmericSun burn is caused due to excessive exposure to sun light.

Applying sandal wood paste on the affected area is a good remedy. Applying olive oil mixed in vinegar on the affected part prior to having a bath is extremely useful. Applying a mix of 2 table spoons of tomato juice with 4 table spoons of butter milk on the affected part is recommended. Applying a mix of barley, turmeric and yoghurt on the affected part is extremely useful.

Sun Stroke

Sun stroke, like sun burn is also caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Sun stroke may prove fatal sometimes.

Applying black pepper powder boiled in sesame oil proves effective. Applying warm oil with some camphor is also recommended. Use of clove oil on the body is also very useful.

Tired Eyes

This is due to excess strain on the eyes.
Putting a piece of cucumber or potato on each eye is beneficial. Washing the eyes several times in cold water is effective. Applying water on the eyes to which lavender oil has been added is also a remedy for tired eyes. One drop of lavender oil is to be added to two and half cups of water.


cloveTooth aches can best be avoided by giving due care to ones’ teeth. Brushing the teeth regularly after every meal definitely would give us healthy teeth and gums.
Chewing clove or applying clove oil on to the decayed cavity brings us relief from tooth ache. Putting ice cubes on the affected part will also bring a soothing effect. Putting a piece of onion on the damaged cavity is an effective remedy. Pepper powder mixed with clove oil is also effective in reducing pain.


One effective way to remove wart is to cut a piece of onion , add a bit of salt , leave it for one day and squeeze the juice on to it. Applying cut pineapple pieces on the wart will also remove it. Bandage the wart after applying some copper sulphate; this is an effective way to remove it.


Wrinkles come with age. It could also be due to tension and anxiety.
Massaging the wrinkled portions with coconut oil prior to going to bed is effective. Applying oats cooked in milk on the face is also effective. Applying a mix of egg white and honey on the wrinkled parts is highly recommended.


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