Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spelling and Grammar in Online Content

Just how important is spelling and grammar in online content? It is well known that not everybody in the world speaks English as their primary language.

It is also well known that while the first fact is true, the vast majority of all websites... and especially websites about Internet Marketing are written in English.

Not everybody can be an expert in English but you really should consider the importance of spelling and grammar in your online content.

Would you allow an auto repairman to work on your car after he described such technical issues as "fixing the thingy there" or talking to you about "doo-hickers" and "thingamabobs"?

The fact is that if you are going to allow someone to work on your car, you want them to know a carburetor from distributor and you want to know what they are working on and without a bunch of generic talk or worse yet... gobbledy-gook involved in the discussion.

In all likelihood, you would probably leave running and never go back. It may be that they are the greatest mechanic in the world but you would never know that because they could not establish your trust. How many sales pages have you seen where you were almost compelled to buy something that sounded really good but had second thoughts?

I personally know of one very admirable product that is nearly complete in every sense of the word and it really is an awesome product.

The sales page is long, involved, detailed and laid out in all the right ways according to the copywriting gurus but conversion rates still hover somewhere around one to two percent. Why is that? Well it could be because it is an expensive product but somehow I doubt that is the case.

It happens to be a very in-depth and informative informational product for Internet Marketing that leads you by the hand from start to finish where you can get enough going to at least get started creating your virtual online empire.

While it is actually an incredible product and you would definitely be interested if you saw it, most people will never actually see it.

The fact remains that when somebody is going to "plunk down" their hard-earned cash for an informational product, they want information. "Well Duh!" you say. Still, how are you ever going to trust someone to provide you with valuable and timely information that will actually help you if they can not even get a sales page up without a massive number of errors?

About the Author: Ward Tipton is a Professional Writer who has spent the last five years providing highly specialized and quality Professional Writing Services.

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